Probate and Estate Administration

If you have been named an executor in a Will, do you know what your obligations are? If a loved one has died without a Will, do you know how you can help in handling the estate administration? Would you like to speak with an attorney regarding the probate of a will or handling an estate administration matter for a family member who has passed away? Please contact the Law Offices of George B. Handelsman, P.A. to arrange your consultation. Since our founding in 1982, we have provided quality legal services regarding handling the administration of an estate. We assist our clients in probate and estate administration matters in the Orphans’ Court and Register of Wills Office upon the death of a loved one.

Representation in Orphans’ Court

Many executors or administrators of an estate may not understand the probate process. Our firm can help you with this task and can ensure that your duties and responsibilities are fulfilled. These duties include collecting the assets of the estate, paying debts, paying taxes, preparing appropriate legal documents, and distributing property and assets to the heirs. If you need assistance in handling and understanding these duties and responsibilities, please contact the Law Offices of George B. Handelsman, P.A. to arrange your consultation. Our office is close to the Register of Wills, Department of Court Records and the Orphans’ Court and allows us to provide convenient access and prompt service to our clients.

Representation in Contested Estate or Probate Matters

There are a variety of probate or estate administration matters that may require legal representation in Court or before the Register of Wills. These matters include contesting a Will or matters pertaining to a Trust. They also could involve the alleged abuse by the Executor or Administrator of the Estate. There could be estate assets missing or not reported by the Executor. You could be named as a beneficiary under a Will for a deceased relative or friend, but have not been notified. At the Law Offices of George B. Handelsman, P.A., we work to solve these legal problems for our clients in a compassionate and timely manner. We have significant experience in dealing with the various probate and estate administration issues facing our clients and we are available to help you.


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