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For most individuals and small business owners, a residential or commercial real estate transaction is a major and sometimes life-changing investment. Whether you are selling or buying a new home or business property, or entering into a lease for a home, apartment or business location, you need legal representation to explain the issues and provide you with the necessary legal expertise. You want a lawyer equipped to handle major transactions, but still ready to listen to the smallest of concerns. At the Law offices of George B. Handelsman, P.A, we provide big firm resources and small-firm personal service in all aspects of real estate. Call us before you sign a sales or lease agreement, and have your questions answered by a professional trained to advise you in these real estate matters. We represent individuals and businesses in commercial and residential real estate.

When you are about to make one of the biggest investments in your life, or the life of your business, you want to make sure you get it done right. The Law Offices of George B. Handelsman, P.A. has been in existence since 1982 and has been helping clients with real estate problems ever since. We are familiar with the local real estate industry, and we use that knowledge to aggressively protect your rights. From purchases and sales, real estate closings, landlord-tenant matters, preparation of deeds, mortgages, and leases, we make sure you understand the real estate matter and make the right decision for your family or business.

Also if you recently purchased or leased a home, apartment or business property and a dispute or problem has arisen after closing, we can help to solving the problem for you. If you feel you did not receive what you thought you purchased or leased, we can provide legal representation to negotiate a settlement, or if necessary, file a lawsuit in your behalf to remedy the problem or collect money damages for you. Call the Law Offices of George B. Handelsman, P.A. today if we can help.

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If you are involved in a real estate transaction, you want it handled with skill, and in an efficient and cost-effective manner. At the Law Offices of George B. Handelsman, P.A., we pride ourselves in offering our clients prompt and effective legal services to meet their needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What happens between the time my offer to buy property is accepted and I “close” on the property?
  • Do I need a real estate attorney to assist me?


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